We are a company of air filming with Drone, in which our principal member is Toni Rodrí­guez, pilot of Drone and Operator, responsible for air filming. Toni holds his RPA's basic and advanced Certificate (drone) granted by AESA, State Agency of Air Security, which authorizes him to practise as pilot of his own company of air filming.

We offer this information, in order that clients know that they are dealing with a qualified professional that guarantees filming with a final result of very good level and quality since in this profession there are a lot of amateurs with no qualifications at all.

We recommend the clients to make sure of hiring a proper qualified professional, essential to obtain a good result in the filming with Drone.

Toni has always had a special interest in technology that took him to pursue diverse studies, not to mention his creativity and intuition, which applies in his filming, which makes him the Drone specialist that you are looking for. Toni enjoys what he does and devotes to look thoroughly for the simplest and effective solution in order that everything remains perfect and according to the customer's taste.

All this work is supported by Hélène, she is his right hand and main partner. Paquita and Toni J. are in administrative and office tasks.